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How LYD can help

Korean content has had a tremendous presence in Asia over the years and its influence continues to grow. International media companies understand that the Korean market is powerful and the content created here has incredible value worldwide but they often are confronted with issues of access to and transparency with the creation ecosystem that exists here. And companies seeking to bring their brands into the market are often faced with fierce competition from local competitors and a rapidly diminishing market share for international contents. LYD uses its extensive local knowledge and network to overcome these challenges by providing fast insight and a smarter, on-the-ground approach in navigating the industry.

LYD’s Competitive Edge

LYD is currently the only consulting firm in Korea that focuses on media and content acquisition, distribution and production, providing both inbound services to Korea for international companies and outbound services for Korean companies that want to expand their business abroad.

 With strong relationships with most of the major media players, content creators, and distribution platforms in the country and a group of bilingual experts with extensive knowledge and experience in media and content, LYD is uniquely positioned to offer access to information, strategies and connections that are unparalleled in the industry.

LYD delivers unrivaled business and content solutions for the Korean market.




LYD provides advisory services for international media companies interested in entering into the Korean market or seeking access to Korean content on better terms and using more efficient methods. Representing a portfolio of over 15 international channels, LYD is also one of Korea’s largest channel and digital content distributors to various local platforms.


LYD’s creative team secures and develops various IPs to be made into television series and films for the local market, with a particular focus on adapting webtoon content and acquiring remake rights for American, UK and Asian series. LYD also co-produces drama and variety content in Korea using its wide network of short-form digital platforms, broadcasters, drama producers, creators, writers and talent.


LYD also advises on special projects that range from M&A and investment opportunities to sports rights management and recruiting.

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